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Democratic Governance


Drawing on the best of global practice, UNDP supports Kazakhstan’s democratic consolidation through providing support to institutional and procedural reform as well as consensus building, fostering dialogue and bringing together key stakeholders. UNDP is working to build the capacity of the central and local election commissions, enhance the capacity of national and local representative bodies. UNDP seeks to increase civic awareness among Kazakhsani citizens and supports the enhancement of interactive collaboration between the state and civil society organizations (CSOs). It increases the effectiveness of public administration by helping the government boost accountability, strengthen human resource management, and improve the delivery of public services. As a close partner to the government and civil society organizations in this work, UNDP is assisting to empower citizens to better realize their rights, while simultaneously strengthening human rights and justice institutions responsible for securing access to information and justice, gender equality and promoting family values and other basic human right.


The UNDP works to promote democratic governance in Kazakhstan through public administration, electoral and parliamentary support, protection of human rights and strengthening legal and justice sector reform, as well as enhancement of civil society participation in political decision making.

  1. Making democratic institutions more accountable and responsive to citizens. UNDP supports strengthening oversight and legislative capacity of the national Parliament and local representative bodies (Maslikhats) as well as effectiveness and efficiency of parliamentary processes and procedures. In the field of public sector management reform we assist in elaboration of standards for public services delivery, human resource management and functional analysis of positions in civil service. Through its regional projects UNDP promotes multi-agency cooperation to increase effectiveness of drug control and reinforce border management capacity of national partners in all Central Asian Republics.
  2. Protection of human rights and strengthening the rights-based legal and justice sector reforms focusing on enhancement of the operational capacity of the human rights institutions for effective protection of human rights against infringements and violations; anti-corruption and access to justice; promoting the access to information legislation; women political empowerment and equal opportunity.
  3. Expanding people’s opportunities to participate in political decision-making. We support strengthening the capacity of civil society organizations (non-governmental organizations, political parties, academic institutions and mass-media) to ensure stronger public participation in inclusive policy and decision-making as well as greater accountability of executives to the citizens of Kazakhstan;, at building political culture of dialogue and negotiation; at rendering assistance in developing electoral culture among population.


  1. Strengthening border management in Central Asia. Upon gaining their independence five ex-Soviet Central Asian republics experienced a need to guard their new borders, in particular the borders with China, Afghanistan and Iran. Within the UNDP/European Commission’s Border Management Programme for Central Asia (BOMCA) the infrastructure along CA trade routes and transit corridors is strengthened. BOMCA covers the legal and organizational framework, border management at airports, model border man¬agement in four pilot regions and supports training for border guards. 
  2. Jointly with the Supreme Court of Kazakhstan UNDP works on increasing access to justice for vulnerable groups and enhancing the rule of law by supporting introduction of mediation in Kazakhstan. The project will conduct a series of education activities for professional and non-professional mediators, promote establishment of necessary education infrastructure for mediators and raise general public awareness on benefits and opportunities of mediation.
  3. In cooperation with National Commission on Family and Women's Affairs UNDP encourages the spiritual and moral development of the society and ethnic fostering of the younger generation based on equality and equal opportunities for the genders for social and economic renewal of Kazakhstan. The project "Cultural and Moral Revival of Society as a Prerequisite for Social and Economic Modernization of Kazakhstan" includes advocacy of family values and marriage to form a positive image of a Kazakhstani family as a special priority.
  4. The project "Strengthening responsive governance for MDG acceleration in Kazakhstan" is aimed to strengthen responsive governing institutions by assisting the Ministry of Economy and Budget Planning and the Administration of the President in improving efficient public administration system through developing the sector of public service delivery and public administration assessment.
  5. A project “Expert support for implementation of the Concept of a new model of public service of the Republic of Kazakhstan”  implemented jointly with the Republic of Kazakhstan Agency of Civil Service Affairs, aims to systematize and institutionalize knowledge and experience in the field of public administration and the civil service. In framework of the project the Regional hub of civil service was established, which will become an international center for the continuous exchange of information between the countries of the region.
  6. The project “Assistance in improving the system of provision and evaluation of public services” contributes to enhancing the participation of civil society experts in assessment of public service quality, promoting their expert capacity and mechanisms of interaction with state authorities. Jointly with the Ministry of Economy and Budget planning of Republic of Kazakhstan and Administration of the President of Republic of Kazakhstan UNDP assisted in further public reform through developing the sector of public service delivery and improving the public service administration assessment.



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