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The major value driving United Nations Development Program’s goals and principles in Kazakhstan is a concept of human development. This idea encompasses the complexity of political, social, economic and environmental factors that have impact on formation of qualitative life of human being, social skills to shape the surrounding world, and encourage self-actualization. Basically, it is a necessity of the human potential development and the creation of the conditions to transcend the human capacity that comes first and foremost from the point of view of his harmonic integration into the anthropological and natural environment.


People First: The Human Development Reports 

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The Human Development Report is an independent publication commissioned by the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP). Its editorial autonomy is guaranteed by a special resolution of the General Assembly (A/RES/57/264), which recognizes the Human Development Report as “an independent intellectual exercise” and “an important tool for raising awareness about human development around the world." The first Human Development Report in 1990 opened with the simply stated premise that has guided all subsequent Reports: “People are the real wealth of a nation.” With its wealth of empirical data and innovative approach to measuring development, the Human Development Report had a profound impact on development thinking around the world. Featuring the Human Development Index, every report presents agenda-setting data and analysis and calls international attentions to issues and policy options that put people at the center of strategies to meet the challenges of development.

To designate global tendencies in the country, United Nations Development Program every year publishes the Human Development Report Kazakhstan which is a kind of signal for the Kazakhstan society identifying possible threats for sustainable development of the country from the point of view of global development. This publication takes into account statistics of the country and developed by a group of Kazakhstani experts specializing on the topic of the report formed by an independent position of the organization.  


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